My Nail Care Routine

Rather late than never, or what do you think? I kept to the tutorial layout, hope that’s okay. If there’s any step you’d like me to explain further, just let me know in the comments!

Bättre sent än aldrig, eller vad säger ni? Jag körde på tutorial layouten, hoppas det går bra. Vill ni att jag förklarar något steg närmare är det bara att kommentera!



  1. I found this page via Pinterest. You have NO idea how grateful I am! I have been picking at my nails since I was a child. They look bitten, but are mostly picked and pulled off. No one ever took the time to teach me how to care for them. Some things that people take for granted do not automatically come to all of us.

    When I was in Girl Scouts, we were devoting an evening to nail care. I was so excited – my Mom bought me a basic kit from Avon and I went merrily on my way. At the meeting, the leaders cast me aside, saying I had nothing to work on. :-( Moving ahead to my 40th birthday, I decided to treat myself to artificial nails. When the technician began to work on my nails, she called out to everyone in the salon, “You should see these nails! I’ve never seen anything like them!” And everyone came running.

    The internet didn’t exist back in those days, so I had nowhere to look for help. I did read magazine articles, but the only thing I learned was “Never cut your cuticles.” OK, but what do I do with them? This page with photos will help me greatly and I will be exploring your site further. Again, thank you!

  2. i have really ugly nail because i always bite it :( so i definitely will try this nail care routine :)

  3. This is THE best nail care tutorial I’ve ever seen. I’ve been looking for a product that specifically will make my nails curve more, and you’re the only person who has delivered that info. Thanks so much!

    • I use the original one and love it. I know they have a Nail Envy for peeling nails, but I think the original one works so well I’d recommend you to try that one out first :)

  4. I was wondering if you put a base coat on top of the envy or go right to your colour……also my naills are always thin, so thin I can bend them right in half. Any suggestions

    • Hey Shannon, I sometimes add a basecoat on top of nail envy, but only when I know I’m going to wear the polish in question for a long time. I use the Bonder basecoat from ORLY for those occasions. As for thin nails, have you tried changing your diet slightly? Eating some broccoli, fatty fish (like salmon) and fruits can do wonders (vitamin E and omega 3 are essential). Nail oils work for some people, and others swear by wearing transparent gel polish for a quick fix solution. Just keep in mind that it takes about 6 months for the nail to regrow completely so there’s nothing you can do that will biologically help instantly. Maybe the gel polish can help until the nail oil or diet change has kicked in? Nail strengtheners are also an option, but they seem to work so differently on people it’s hard to promise anything. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with :)

  5. Does Nail Envy really give you a tighter curve on all of your nails? My nails are flat from biting them, I would be so happy if they could be slightly more curved!! =D

  6. I had no idea a any product could actually make your nail have a tighter curve to it. My nails are very flat from years of nail biting. Do you think it could help make my nails slightly more curved? ^_^ That would be awesome!!

    • Hi Corinne, as long as you have some of the nail that has grown out from the nail bed itself I bet Nail Envy can help you get a tighter curve! I haven’t seen any major difference on my curve when I have my nails really short, but there’s definitely a difference as soon as they’re about 2-3 mm grown out. Do you still bite? Maybe taking care of your nails might make it easier to want to keep them looking nice and then eventually stop :) I’d say try it out, it’s a great product!

      • Thank you so much for the reply! So Sorry about posting my question twice. It wasn’t showing as posted on my end. I’m no longer biting my nails ^_^. I think the Nail Envy might be some additional help in turning my nails around and to help keep them out of my mouth. I’m hell bent on never biting again. Thanks so much for the tips!!! =D <3 <3

  7. En liten fråga. Drar verkligen nageln ihop sig efter att man strykt på Envy Opi? Är det så lack av typen “starkare naglar” ska fungera? Hur kan ett sådant lack få nageln att “böja” sig? Många frågor blev de ;)

    • Mina naglar drar ihop sig av Nail Envy, vet inte om allas naglar reagerar så, men nagelstärkare i allmänhet fungerar inte såhär. Nail Envy hjälper inte om du inte bär det, medan en nagelstärkare ska tränga ner i själva nageln och hjälpa till där. Nail Envy blir som en skyddsduk, typ, och precis som med vilket annat platt material blir nageln starkare med en tightare böj, jämför med ett ovikt papper som ska stå upp med ett som är vikt ett par gånger. Hängde du med? :)

    • Kul att du gillar den :) jag använder Nail Envy som underlack, ja. Om jag vet att jag vill att lacket ska sitta extra länge använder jag Nail Envy och sedan Orly’s Bonder följt av nagellacket :)

  8. Älskar dina tutorials, roliga och väldigt snygg layout. Vad duktig du är, blir lite avis här.. Har själv OPI envy och du har rätt, det stärker verkligen direkt. :)

    • Men tack så mycket! Så kul att du gillar dem! Esh, det är ju lätt om man har ett stativ till kameran och en bildredigeringsprogram :) ja men visst gör det! Bästa produkten ever!

  9. Väldigt rolig och bra inlägg, gillade verkligen layouten. Kul att se närbilden på nageln innan och efter opin, att det blev så stor skillnad hade jag ingen aning om tex. :)

    • Vad kul att du gillar den! Ja, visst är det stor skillnad! Nail Envy stärker ju bara nageln när man har det applicerat, och här ser man ju verkligen hur det fungerar. Typ som när man viker ett papper, antar jag :)

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