Liebster Award

I received the Liebster Award from Gelic’ nail art the other day, and even though I have never actually seen or heard about this before it looks like great fun so I gladly accepted!

The rules are:

  1. Tell 11 things about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the other came up for you.
  3. Think of 11 new questions for the ones you will nominate.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less then 200 followers.
  5. Tell the other bloggers by leaving a comment.
  6. You can’t be tagged back.

11 things about me:

  1. I know most Disney movies completely by heart (like reciting all lines, and such).
  2. I collect maps.
  3. I speak Swedish sign language
  4. I have a serious fear of people in whole body suits that look like plush animals (like football mascots and such)
  5. I can’t eat spicy food, or I’ll be lying in bed with severe stomach aches.
  6. I learned how to walk properly in high heels when I was 12 (thanks mom).
  7. I can sing and play basic guitar.
  8. I have 5 siblings (and my husband has 7)
  9. I love Dr Pepper.
  10. I’m deadly allergic to horses (and “normally” allergic to the rest of the furry beings).
  11. I’m terrible at swimming. I didn’t learn how to swim until I was about 13 years old, and I’ve almost drowned twice.

The 11 Questions from Gelic’ Nail Art:

1. If you only could keep 5 polishes of all the ones you’ve got, which ones would you keep? (And you can’t buy any more, you’re stuck with the ones you got)

I really hope that base- and top coats don’t count for this, because I would be a very sad panda without Nail Envy and Seche Vite. The five polishes I’d keep would be:

OPI – In the Spot-Light Pink, because it’s such a nice sheer pink which I use on and off when I want healthy looking natural nails.

Laura Mercier – Twilight because it’s a gorgeous polish, the most expensive one I’ve ever purchased but also the polish I wore during the birth of my son (gross, I know, but very sentimental).

Ciaté – 048 Starlet because it’s just such a unique polish.

IsaDora – 189 Black Rose, because it’s the only kind of red I feel comfortable wearing. So. Freaking. Gorgeous.

Essie – Sand Tropez, because everybody needs a perfect nude, and this is mine.

2. If you have to choose one thing, would you fix your hair or your makeup before leaving home?

Makeup! I don’t give a hoot for my hair really, unless it’s a special occasion, and I look so sickly without at least some concealer!

3. And depending on what you choose above, would you fix your [] or nails if you were allowed to do only one?

Still makeup. I am very lucky with the shape of my nails and have no trouble wearing them totally bare, but as I said above, I need at least some concealer (but usually do a full makeup anyway).

4. If someone wanted to buy all your nail polishes, would you agree and in that case to what price?

NO! Haha, or well, some of them would never be for sale, but the more mainstream ones would be easy to find again. I wouldn’t ever sell my discontinued ones. And as for price, I’d just calculate the full value of all the polishes and set that as a price. No discounts ;)

5. Name the ugliest polish you’ve seen if there is one?

As I answered in Emilie‘s 11 questions tag, it has to be W7 – Polar Bear, because I hate pale frosty polishes like this. It’s very hard to name an ugly polish, because they all are quite pretty in one way or another, but as I have to choose one, this is it.

6. Name the nail art kind, if there is any, that you can’t stand see or at least like the least?

Bad stamping. I know it’s tricky and takes a lot of practice, and I know I’m not any better, but I don’t see what’s so important about stamping that people publish photos of terrible looking designs. (I guess that goes for every kind of nail polish designs.)

7. If you would get a disease that makes your nails be super short (they just don’t grow) forever, would you live with it or start using fake nails?

I’d probably live with it. I mean, I have done for a really long time, when I was climbing and playing the guitar, so I don’t think I’d mind it too much.

8. What’s your favorite nail polish color and finish?

Dark shades and creme.

9.  What’s your favorite nail art kind?

Does French Manicure count?

10. Is there any reason that would make you stop painting your nails?

If my son was allergic to it, or if I started climbing again.

11. What’s the funniest/your favorite name of a nail polish (i.e. not the brand)?

Hm, must be OPI – I Have a Herring Problem, a nice play on words, I think.

My 11 questions for the nominated:

  1. What is your nail- and hand care routine?
  2. Do you cut or file your nails, and why?
  3. How many nail polishes (excluding base- and top coats) do you own?
  4. How strictly do you follow nail polish/nail art trends?
  5. Would you rather have terrible cuticles and good looking nails or terrible nails and good looking cuticles?
  6. What do you think of indie brand nail polish?
  7. Do you have any bad nail related habits?
  8. Which nail polish has impressed you the most? (It doesn’t have to be one you own, it could be one you’ve seen on another blog.)
  9. Do you prefer acetone or some “friendlier” nail polish remover, and why?
  10. Do you prefer cotton pads, cotton wool, nail wipes or something else when removing nail polish, and why?
  11. Name a shade, finish, treatment or other nail related product you wish you owned but don’t at the moment.

As for nominations, I nominate everyone who wants to do it, regardless of their reader base. Please let me know so I can read your answers, or if you’d rather just answer the 11 questions in the comments (English or Swedish) I’d be super stoked to read them!

Well, okay, I guess I can nominate Emilie and Emma in particular :) Feel free to write in whichever language suits you.

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