DC Superhero Nail Art Series – Star Sapphire

The next design in the DC Superhero series is Star Sapphire. She’s part of the Violet Lantern Corps (power of love) and also Hal Jordan’s (the Green Lantern) (ex-)girlfriend. Although the Star Sapphires are the violet version they’re usually drawn wearing pink, and that’s why I chose to paint my nails in pink but with a purple fade. The star was absolutely impossible to paint directly onto the nail so eventually I just painted it straight onto a plastic file and once it was dry I carefully peeled it off and stuck it onto wet top coat.

Nästa design i min DC Superhero serie är Star Sapphire. Hon är del av Violet Lantern Corps (kärlekskraft) och dessutom Hal Jordans (Green Lantern) (ex-)flickvän. Fast än the Star Sapphires är den violetta versionen ritas de oftast i rosa, och därför har jag valt att måla naglarna rosa men med en lila toning. Stjärnan var helt omöjlig att måla direkt på nageln, så till slut fick jag helt enkelt måla den med nagellack på en plastficka och sedan när den torkat försiktigt pilla bort den och sätta dit den ovanpå överlack.

Star Sapphire in Justice League Unlimited

She wears a relatively full costume in Justice League Unlimited. It is quite difficult to decide whether it’s pink or purple though, but I think it’s more to the pink side here.

I Justice League Unlimited bär hon relativt mycket kläder. Däremot är det ju faktiskt lite knepigt att avgöra om det är rosa eller lila hon har på sig, men jag tycker att det är mer rosa.

The Violet Lantern Corps in New Earth

They’re wearing pink in the comics as well. I haven’t quite understood where her power is coming from though, because they all have power rings but she has a stone in her forehead which shoots pink laser beams (oooh, scary, eh?). If someone knows be welcome to enlighten me.

Även i serietidningarna bär de rosa. Jag har inte riktigt förstått än var hennes kraft kommer ifrån, då de alla har kraftringar, men i de flesta återgivningarna har hon en sten i pannan som skjuter rosa laser (oooh, läskigt, eller hur?). Någon som vet får gärna upplysa mig.

Star Sapphire in Justice League Doom

In the new motion picture Justice League Doom she’s wearing purple (eh, violet!), but has no more forehead stone! Her bellybutton is glowing instead! Very confusing… I guess they’re trying to make her super sexy as well as bad-ass . But seriously – why would you wear protection all over your body EXCEPT your chest? Like; hey, please shoot me straight in the heart! Bah, that’s stupid…

I den nya filmen Justice League Doom bär hon dock lila (eh, violett!), men saknar pannstenen! Istället lyser hennes navel! Mycket förvirrande… Men hur som helst så försöker de väl att göra henne så sexig det bara går och fortfarande bad-ass. Men seriöst – varför skulle man ha skydd över hela kroppen FÖRUTOM över bröstet? Ba; hej, skjut mig gärna här rakt i hjärtat! Bah, vad dumt…


  • Gina Tricot Beauty – 04 Azalea Pink
  • Gina Tricot Beauty – 83 Boysenberry
  • W7 – 28 Black
  • Kleancolor – 04 White


  1. Actually, a belly button power gem, as well as being kinda cute, makes perfect sense. I shall expound: In his writings on Psychology, Alexander Lowen MD seeks to discover the actual mechanism of denial and mental blocks. But first he advances a theory of how emotions reach conscious awareness in the first place. His answer is that different emotions actually tend to trigger muscles in different parts of the body, creating sensations there, bringing the corresponding emotion to conscious awareness. And it is the vulnerable underbelly that is associated with tenderness and love. Therefore perhaps the navel might be just the place to wear a violet power gem for better connection, but less inhibition and control, as might be consistent with the characterization of Carol Ferris as someone on the edge and acting out with little restraint, as in ‘Justice League: Doom’.

    • Wow Aaron, thank you for this! It makes a whole lot of sense, when you put it like that! I guess that’s why we get butterflies in our stomachs when we are in love, too. Wonderful, wonderful theory. Thanks for sharing!

      • Yes, that is the general idea. Alexander Lowen MD, a disciple of Wilhelm Reich, writes the only psychology texts that read like cheap crime novels! ‘The Betrayal of the Body’ is the most concise. But if you like this, then Google up my explanation of Infra Yellow!

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