DC Superhero Nail Art Series – Wonder Woman

Okay, time for a superhero you already know (unless you, like me, know the DC universe inside out, that is) – princess Diana of the Amazons or Wonder Woman! I’ve tried to do this mani so many times but never quite got the stars right. Eventually I swallowed my artist’s pride and went and bought star shaped rhinestones so I could do this design. And sure, it did turn out pretty good, but I really would prefer polish stars. Maybe it’s time for me to look into Konad stamps?

Okej, dags för en superhjälte ni känner igen (om ni inte, som jag, redan har koll på hela DC-universumet, dvs) –  Amazonprinsessan Diana eller Wonder Woman! Jag har försökt mig på den här manikyren många gånger, men lyckades aldrig få till stjärnor med nagellack som var snygga nog. Så, till slut svalde jag min stolthet som konstnär och gick och köpte stjärnformade rhinestones så jag kunde göra den här designen någon gång! Och visst blev det ju fint, men jag hade verkligen föredragit att få till dem med nagellack. Kanske är det dags för mig att titta lite på Konadstämplar?


  • MAC Cosmetics – Obey Me
  • MAC Cosmetics – Spirit Of Truth
  • Golden Rose Artliner – Gold
  • Golden Rose Artliner – Black


  1. wow, you did such a great job, you see it and know right away what it is!

    I wasn’t sure if you would get my reply on my blog, but Yes! it is fine, you can use the idea, it’s no problem to me, I am glad someone will actually use it (:

    • Thanks! :)

      Oh, awesome. I’ve been checking the blog post from time to time to see whether you had replied or not but maybe I missed it. That is so great! I’m gonna print a trial one to see if it looks nice. I’ll take pictures and post them so you can see if you’d like one too – and I’ll send it to you :) thanks for such a great idea!

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