Marvel Avengers Nail Art Series – Spider-Man

Second nail art design for the Avengers series – Spiderman! I tried to make the accent finger nail look like the web he shoots, but it looks more like granite rock… Oh well, shit happens. If you look carefully you’ll see that the red under the web is a light red (the bottle I’m holding) underneath a red crackle. I liked the outcome of the texture and I think I actually wanna get some more crackles now. When they first arrived I didn’t quite like them, I didn’t see the reason behind them, but now I have so many ideas for layerings and stuff that I really want one of each color! *addict*

Polishes I used:

  • Missguided – Misschievous
  • Depend Cracked Effect – 5004
  • IsaDora – 739 Surfers Paradise
  • Golden Rose Nail Art – 107 Silver
  • Gina Tricot Beauty – Concreate Jungle
  • Mavala – 218 Minsk
  • IsaDora Graffiti Nails – 802 White Art

Igen, orkar inte skriva på svenska…

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