Review of nail polish bottle holder from

These products were sent to me by the company or its PR company for my honest review.

Review of nail polish bottle holder from by

Today I have this clever little invention to review for you, a nail polish bottle holder made of white rubber that is supposed to help keeping the bottle steady when you’re painting your nails. This particular one comes from a website called, which I am lucky enough to get to review a few products for!

Review of nail polish bottle holder from by

This bottle holder is about 10 cm long and roughly 6 cm high, and can hold most bigger bottles. The rubber isn’t as soft as I thought (and feared) it would be – it’s actually rather sturdy. It makes it a bit difficult to wriggle the bottle into it, but that also means the bottle won’t slide in the holder when you’re for instance screwing the cap back on with one hand. The split down the front makes it possible to fit a variety of sizes and shapes of bottles, as long as they are slightly larger than the opening.


Now, if you don’t have one of these already, I sincerely suggest you pick one up. The rubber makes it nearly impossible to slide it across any surface, so this could very well be a life saver (or, rather a polish saver) if you’re a bit clumsy, have a cat or a toddler (or all of the above).

Review of nail polish bottle holder from by

Review of nail polish bottle holder from by

However, when the bottle is in, the bottom of the holder curves slightly. This causes the holder to rock a little when you’re using the polish but it doesn’t affect the true purpose of it that much – the holder still stays where it’s supposed to be and the bottle stays put too. The bigger the bottle, the more the bottom is going to curve so keep to the normal 10-15ml bottles.

All in all, this is a great little gadget that I think everyone needs on their vanity. The best thing about it? It’s only $1.44 at Go check out their site, they have lots of gorgeous stuff part from nail art and beauty products, like clothes, purses and shoes!

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