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These products were sent to me by the company or its PR company for my honest review.

Kiss Top Coat Trio by

The other day when I opened my mailbox I was met by these beauties along with two other 3-packs of nail polish from Kiss, and I just couldn’t stop myself from trying these out. Kiss Top Coat Trio is as the name suggests three different topcoats, one high-gloss, one semi matte/satin and one duochrome shimmer. They are all shown below on a plain black cream polish. Here in Sweden, this set is available in beauty stores such as Åhléns and Kicks at a price of SEK 159. All Kiss products can be found on their website

Gloss Effect

Kiss Glossy Top Coat by

The Gloss Effect topcoat was the hardest one to really try out since it didn’t really change the texture of the black underwear polish, but it has a slightly thickish formula which is great for high gloss results and dried fairly quickly. Not like topcoats that are especially quick-dry ones, but still, not as slow as it could have. I didn’t try out the longevity of this topcoat, but as the glossiness goes, I am fairly impressed.

Shimmer Effect

Kiss Shimmer Top Coat by

Kiss Shimmer Top Coat by

Kiss Shimmer Top Coat by

Kiss Shimmer Top Coat by

Kiss Shimmer Top Coat by

The Shimmer Effect topcoat looked the most promising out of them all and I really was blown away by this one! The shimmer particles are very fine and shifts from a cool greenish yellow through to orange, through to a cool purplish pink in the right light. It reminds me of Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire, just slightly warmer in colors. I love it on the black underwear but I would love to see what it can do on a dark red or a dark purple!

Matte Effect

Kiss Matte Top Coat by

The Matte Effect topcoat doesn’t dry matte as such, it’s more of a satin finish, which I personally prefer. It looks rather nice on the black, don’t you think? I didn’t expect too much from this one before I applied it, but I was happily surprised. The formula is great, it’s thick but not sticky, and even though the polish dries slower than all the other matte topcoats I have, this one doesn’t crack at all and doesn’t leave weird white marks as other do. A great matte topcoat if you don’t mind it being closer to a satin.

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