Comparison of Gina Tricot Beauty – 149 Sea Bug, IsaDora – 720 Beetle Green and KICKS – Jewel of Denial

Comparison of Gina Tricot Beauty - 149 Sea Bug, IsaDora -720 Beetle Green and KICKS Jewel of Denial

Well, I couldn’t help but notice how similar Sea Bug was to IsaDora’s Beetle Green – a polish I praised greatly back when I bought it. I would say that Sea Bug and Beetle Green are dupes, and I threw in KICKS’ Jewel of Denial since it looked similar in the bottle. Jewel of Denial is obviously not a dupe, since the base is clearly teal while the shimmer is the same green as in Sea Bug and Beetle Green.

When it comes to application I found that Beetle Green is a lot heavier and a bit more pigmented, and if you are brave with the thickness of coats you could probably get away with only one coat, but I like them thin so two it was. Sea Bug is a bit on the sheerer side, needing two thick coats of three normal coats to reach full opacity.

Beetle Green does however end up a bit streaky, something neither Sea Bug nor Jewel of Denial does. The streaks doesn’t make the polish lose any of its depth, though, but when it comes to depth I must say I prefer Jewel of Denial. Price-wise I definitely prefer Sea Bug and can absolutely live with having to add an extra coat when it’s such a difference in price but not very drastic differences in application, longevity nor beauty.

Gina Tricot Beauty
149 Sea Bug
720 Beetle Green
Jewel of Denial
Coats for full opacity
2-3 2 3-4
Volume 10 ml 7 ml 10 ml
Price 39 SEK 69 SEK 69 SEK
Price per ml 3,9 SEK/ml 9,8 SEK/ml 6,9 SEK/ml
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