Happy birthday to me!

Hey guys,

Tomorrow is my birthday! I won’t be able to write anything tomorrow (might manage a scheduled post but I can’t promise anything), so that’s why I’m writing now. I turn 26 tomorrow – I can’t believe how fast the time is going now! And it will gradually go even faster as I get older, too – incredible!

I love being a summer birthday girl, as it’s almost precisely halfway to Christmas and I can have parties outdoors with lots of flowers and sun (hopefully), I can wear nice dresses and be out late and it won’t get dark or cold.

How old are you, and when is your birthday? Summer, autumn, winter, spring? Do you like your birthday being when it is? And what do you think of the special little header details? Yummy birthday cupcake!


  1. Grattis på födelsedagen! Hoppas det blir en varm och solig dag! Jag fyller också år på sommaren, det är den bästa årstiden ju ;)

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