My light box is dead

Hi all,

The other day, all lights in my light box went dead. I was busy taking photos and was adjusting one of the spotlights, when it crackled slightly and all four lights just went out. LEDs are supposed to last for 15 years or so, but these lasted me barely a year. I’, very sad about this because I had figured out a way of taking my photos that really worked and with results that I was happy about and now I have to go back to taking photos outside. Thank goodness it’s soon summer here, but this means that I need to take all photos on the weekends and then write posts on the weekdays. Luckily for me I still have a few posts coming up with the normal photo setting, but after that it’ll be outdoor shots until we can fix my light box.

This is what my light box looks like.

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  1. Åhh vad tråkigt när det går sönder. Måste kolla upp så det finns lampor till mina om/när de går sönder. Hoppas du hittar nya lampor snart. Tur det är den årstiden det är nu…:-)

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