Swatch of ORLY – It’s Up To Blue

Note: Photo updated on May 1st, 2013 It’s Up To Blue is part of ORLY’s base line and will therefore be available to buy wherever ORLY is sold (unlike Androgynie and Fowl Play). It’s a bright turquoise polish with metallic finish which needs three coats for full coverage and regrettably it’s rather streaky (although it …


Swatch of ORLY – Fowl Play

More ORLY! This polish is called Fowl Play and is part of ORLY’s autumn/winter collection Birds Of A Feather. It really is like a party in a bottle – shimmer, glitter and flakies in many different colors in a purple base. YUM! A bit of a pity that it doesn’t show so well on a …


Swatch of ORLY – Androgynie

Androgynie is part of ORLY’s winter collection 2011 Holiday Soiree, and is a black based polish with gold microglitter and blue, green and gold hexagon shaped glitter. The base is sheer to let the glitter peek though but it seems that most of the glitter is stuck to the inside of the bottle. A bit …



Flowers for my 25th birthday, how about that? Lite blommor på min 25-årsdag, vad sägs om det? Polishes I used: OPI – In the spot-light pink IsaDora – 715 Pink Lemonade Golden Rose Art Liner – 106 Black

A bad start to the day

I’ll write this post in English so it can be understood by more people. This morning I was looking through my e-mails and I saw two e-mails from Paypal, saying that I had changed my primary e-mail address. At 5:55 AM. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that I hadn’t done …


Birthday gradient

My birthday isn’t until June 11, but we’ll have some people over for a little party tomorrow so I wanted to sport some great looking nails for that. I used a regular make up sponge and five polishes; four of which are from IsaDora and one from OPI. Ever since I bought IsaDora’s new trend …


Cherry Blossoms

Another re-make of an old design. I can’t remember when I did them, but it must have been some time last summer. And jeez, I couldn’t even paint inside the cuticle “back then”! I tried a much lighter gradient this time and I must say I like it much better like this. En till re-make …