A bad start to the day

I’ll write this post in English so it can be understood by more people.

This morning I was looking through my e-mails and I saw two e-mails from Paypal, saying that I had changed my primary e-mail address. At 5:55 AM. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that I hadn’t done this myself. I tried to log on to my Paypal account immediately and found that my password didn’t work! Instantly after that I checked my bank account and feared that all my money would be gone (our vacation money!) and saw that around 1100 SEK (€ 110) was missing through two transactions, one for around 880 SEK and one for 210 SEK.

My heart was racing and I was sweating like a maniac (I mean, glowing. Ping: Terry Pratchett) but glad that I was missing “only” that amount. I called my bank and cancelled my card and moved all my money to my separate savings account and tried vigorously to get hold of Paypal (who are only open for customer service calls Mon-Fri 08.00-4.30), and ended up sending them an e-mail. The bank lady I spoke to said I had to file a police report and then I could maybe get my money back eventually. So I did. She was extremely helpful although slightly oblivious to what Paypal was.

And then it dawned on me. A few days ago I had received an e-mail from what I thought was Paypal, and it had said that in order to protect us from fraud we, Paypal’s clients, must update our account information.

I was skeptical, I had never seen that before, but all the links worked, the e-mail template was the same as Paypal’s and so on and so forth. Obviously, I fell for it and entered my debit card number and everything. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

I have now done what I can to deal with this extremely unnecessary fuck-up, and advise all of you to be on your guard.

Much love,



  1. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. This drew me in because I was going through my e-mail and got a e-mail somewhat like that, But I don’t have a PayPal account. It said that a bunch of money was given to someone else PayPal and i had to approve it or something. But i just ignored it and hope it was a mistake that was fixed
    cause i knew i didn’t have anything to do with it. what a scam! i hate that, there is so much scamming/spamming/fraud these days. my grandmother got a e-mail that said “hey this is veronica, i really need to talk to you (and left a number) i told her not to respond and googled the number, it brought a forum and a bunch of people said they had that same number with a different e-mail, and when they called, they heard people having intercourse. it’s such a shame, some people just have nothing better to do. -__-

    I sure do hope you are able to recover that money!

    • Yeah, scams like that are quite terrible… :( And I just got the money back last Tuesday! I must say, the PayPal support is great, makes me wonder if this happens to lots of people. Sure as heck won’t happen to me again, though!

  2. Åh nej! Som sagt, tur att det inte var mer pengar än så, men retligt är det. Nåväl, du lär ju inte göra om samma misstag igen, eller hur?

    Jag insåg igår kväll att PayPal kan vara lite lurigt – har av någon anledning angett att min “primary currency” är USD. Sålde en hel del smink via Tradera igår och fick betalningen i SEK (såklart), men efter valutaomräkning fram och tillbaka så förlorade jag ca. 250 kr… Suck… Har ändrat “primary currency” till SEK nu…

    • Verkligen! Jag pratade med PayPal-supporten nu i morse och hon jag pratade med verkade hur världsvan som helst och de har spärrat kontot och de ska utreda och ge mig pengarna tillbaka. Skönt eller vad! Och nej, jag lär ju inte göra samma sak igen – fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      Ja, det där minns jag också att jag strulade med lite i början. Jäkla klurigt måste jag säga. Usch, 250 SEK är ju inte heller något att bara fnysa åt sådär – riktigt trist… :(

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