Marvel Avengers Nail Art Series – Hulk

I’m not really a Marvel fan (except for the X-Men which I totally adore), but as the Avengers have recently gotten some real lime light I thought why not let them infiltrate my blog? Just kidding, of course I like the Avengers, I love all superheroes, but nothing compares to the Justice League in my book.

This is my Hulk design, complete with busted purple jeans and everything! What do you think of the accent finger’s angry Hulk forehead? Not terrific, but quite fun, I think.

Alexander’s Hulk toy.

Polishes I used:

  • Gina Tricot Beauty – 44 Have A Bite (as underwear)
  • IsaDora – 648 Go Green
  • H&M – Plum
  • Depend Cracked Effect – 5005

Orkade inte översätta till svenska… Sorry.

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